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3 Ways To Use CO2 Composite Spray

Posted by Amanda Bunch on Nov 6, 2017 12:31:50 PM
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Looking for a new way to precision clean your application?

Precision cleaning with CO2 provides significant cost-of-ownership, environmental and performance benefits. Precision cleaning is an important component of a contamination control program that includes product handling and packaging, controlled environments, ESD control, and proper operator practices.



CO2 Spray Cleaning

Alternative Precision Cleaning

CO2 Composite Spray Applications.jpgFirst generation CO2 spray cleaning alternatives were introduced in the 1990s and found early adoption in applications involving specialized devices such as optical assemblies, wire bonded assemblies, sensors, and data storage devices. Companies are always trying to reduce manufacturing waste, improve productivity, lower production costs, achieve zero discharge of pollutants into the environment and maximize water conservation. The current industry "green" need was in conflict with wet cleaning practices and thus the need for dry cleaning technology emerged.

CO2 composite spray is neither a snow gun nor spray nozzle, but rather a system of several integrated components and processes for forming and applying a spray cleaning composition. CO2 composite spray provides a stable and consistent surface cleaning performance. This technology aides in elmination of water usage and wastewater, a lower carbon footprint, and improved worker safety.


Application and Performance

Versatile Technology

CO2 Applications Examples.jpgA CO2 composite spray process is similar to conventional CO2 pellet or ice blasting used in industrial cleaning applications, but on a smaller and more precise scale. CO2 composite sprays are relatively lean and warm with much smaller fractions of microscopic CO2 particles uniformly dispersed in a heated propellant gas. The heated propellant gas mixes with the cold CO2 particles to produce an increase in thrust. The result is a highly energetic cleaning spray that does not cause surfaces to become wet during application. COcomposite spray may also be also be used with other cleaning process additives such as atmospheric plasma, laser, and trace organic compounds to provide a robust surface treatment platform.

Applications using this technology are automotive, aircraft, aerospace, computer hard disk drive and medical device markets. The adoption of CO2 composite spray has been proven for applications where both cleanliness and production objectives must be achieved.

CO2 Composite Spray can be applied three ways:

1. Precision Clean - combines the cleaning (or cooling) power of microscopic crystals of solid carbon dioxide with patented coaxial jet spray cleaning processes to effectively remove contaminants (i.e., particles, thin films, heat) from the exterior or exposed surfaces of a product (or tool).

2. Cool Lubrication - utilize various combinations ionized fluids, oxygenated machining lubricants (Triox™) and CO2 – formulated and applied in-situ and as-needed to improve the productivity and economics of challenging machining applications.

3. Surface Preparation - appropriate surface preparation is the essential first step to provide consistent and reliable adhesive or cohesive bond strength. Major bonding elements comprise substrate, adhesive, bondline surface area and (for adhesive joining) joint design.

New Generation Technology

Back To The Future

Back view of businesswoman working with digital virtual panel.jpegIn the latest evolution of the CO2 composite spray technology, CO2 is converted into a supersaturated fluid and crystallized using a patented micronizing process to form energetic and microscopic CO2 particles having 2x higher density when compared to the 1990s spray. Precision cleaning with CO2 provides significant cost-ownership, environmental, and performance benefits compared to conventional aqueous and solvent-based alternatives.

Many manufacturing companies are implementing CO2 composite spray cleaning technology within their production operations due to the technology's featues, benefits and integration possibilities.

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