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Contamination Control: Let CO2 Do The Work For You

Posted by Amanda Bunch on Sep 20, 2017 1:49:05 PM
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Looking for a new innovative way to control your manufacturing contamination challenge?

Particles and other residues that accumulate on precision assemblies and support equipment during manufacturing processes must be removed to prevent yield loss. Precision cleaning is needed at various stages to control particle and other residue burden.




The Importance of Contamination Control

Manufacturing Environment

Men during precision work on production line, horizontal.jpegAccording to Jeffrey Becker in an article entitled Implementing A Contamination Control Program, "As science progresses, the demand for cleanrooms in bio-tech, pharmaceutical, medical device, semiconductor, and nanotechnology continue to grow. As the demand for these controlled environments increases, it becomes more and more critical to develop and implement effective contamination control programs. The purpose of these programs is to ensure that any material, substance, or energy that adversely affects the product or process is eliminated, or at least, minimize to safe levels (CE Magazine,"

There are many factors to consider for precision cleaning and inspection operations within a cleanroom-based manufacturing process flow. Particles and residues generated during assembly and test processes accumulate on the support equipment and can transfer to subassemblies during handling, which can lead to product quality problems.  There is a need for a new way of cleaning high reliability products during manufacturing that reduces or eliminates this type of surface contamination.


CO2  for Precision Manufacturing

An Integrated Workflow

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For an automated dry cleaning system to be acceptable, it must demonstrate high reliability, high throughput, and excellent cleaning performance at a reasonable cost. CO2 Composite Spray™ is a proven strategy for improving particle and residue cleanliness and reducing particle and residue burden.

Cleaning complex support equipment or precision assemblies can require multiple off-line operations including disassembly, removal from the cleanroom, return to the cleanroom, reassembly and calibration. In addition, some operations require processes that are batched, precision cleaned, dried and returned to the manufacturing line. Cleanroom atmospheres contain water vapor, organics, salts, and particles. These airborne contaminants can be deposited onto surfaces of critical support fixtures and assemblies being cleaned. All of these procedures are disruptive to product flow and create an additional contamination burden.

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Hence, properly designed carbon dioxide cleaning systems with inert atmospheres in clean cabinets can be very effective for cleaning precision parts without having to disrupt operation flow. Carbon dioxide cleaning has unique capabilities such as CO2 conservation and control, spray impact energy control, elimination of local surface condensation and easier adaptability to automation equipment. All these factors make this technology ideal for controlling contamination in a manufacturing setting. These CO2 systems and methods adapt to cleanroom manufacturing assembly lines, production equipment, processes and can decrease maintenance burden without damage to support hardware.


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