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7 Things About CO2 Manual Systems Your Boss Wants To Know

Posted by Amanda Bunch on Apr 1, 2019 8:47:35 AM

The start to the new year is the ideal time to try something different! Still thinking about that troublesome contamination or bonding problem you spent all last year working on? Why not try CO2 technology?

Our CO2  rental systems might be right for you. They are easy to use and have a low monthly cost. The main reason customers seek our technology is because they are looking to solve a problem that cannot be solved productively or economically using traditional cleaning or machining methods.

Now, how do you convince your management team to buy-off on renting a system? We happen to have the following good reasons to get the approval.






1. Great for R&D testing

With over 30 years of experience in the CO2 technology field, our team is ready to provide you with all the guidance you need to be successful when using our CO2 rental equipment. This program works well, particularly if you are new to the technology or have used different CO2 technology in the past. Most people test drive a vehicle before they buy. So why not test drive our CO2 technology before you purchase a system? The main benefits of renting are the small initial investment, ability to test various applications in-house, and discounts off the purchase price. 

2. Ability to test various applications (including machining)

One of the greatest advantages of renting before buying is that you can test various applications or processes. This in-house work will help build a positive case to your boss about the benefits of using this technology.  Rentals are loaned out for one to three months at a time. Plan ahead so that you can make the best use of the rental period.

3. Doesn't take up a lot of space

A typical rental unit measures 17"(l) x 9.5(w) x 5.5(h). It takes up as much space as a desktop computer. No problems getting this unit into your facility for easy R&D testing.

4. Ability to customize with 3D printed spray applicators

Let's say your application is a bit more complicated and needs the ability to clean tight spaces or complicated geometries, cover larger areas or machine grooves/curves. No worries, we can design a custom spray applicator nozzle to meet your needs! We offer this capability for all our systems, even our rentals. We will include a custom nozzle in the cost and ship the entire rental system (with custom applicator) to you.

5. Requires only 1 operator and reduces operating time

If you achieve success during in-house test trials (yes, it worked!), now what? It would be beneficial to perform a simulated production line or tool test using our rental equipment. Step 1: validate efficacy of our cleaning technology with regards to your application and Step 2: validate that this cleaning technology will perform in production (with proper scale-up and facilities).  If the demo equipment trial meets and/or exceeds expectations then our scaled production systems will do even better! 

6. Improves quality of product/service

Not only does our technology improve the quality of your manufactured product, it also reduces or eliminates manufacturing costs related to cleaning and improves the profitability of your manufacturing operation.

7. You have options

If you find success in renting and decide to buy a system, we offer several manual and automated systems which are priced to provide a decent ROI.







Ready for next steps? Try our free CO2  Consultation.


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